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A letter came from the Haute Handbag Magazine: Congratulations! You’ve been published in…. HAUTE HANDBAGS.
I am amazed, grateful, humble, happy… seriously, I have absolutely no idea where is my life leading towards in terms of career or job.However, all I certainly know, is that hopefully one day I would be 70 years old with my hands still full acrylic paint and needle pinches on my fingers, and would hold this magazine close to my heart feeling grateful for this journey… 

Hand Painted HandBags

I had this idea of altering the fabric for a clutch, but I did not want to use dyes for environmental reasons and plus I always do my best to use the materials that I already have. So I played with fabric paint! Besides leaving sparkles of paint all over the floor, the task was fun; and even though I kind of liked the result, I think experimenting with new tools to make more interesting sparkles patterns would be my next project.