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I Love My iPod But I Hate That Someone Die For It.

I have advocated for many causes on my blog, but this one is different. I can’t explain what I felt when I finally learned about the exploitation and the suicides at the Apple factories in China. It turned out that I have and iPad, iPhone, iPod, and a Mac Book from the company that represented the poster picture of modern iSlavery, including allegations of suicides in the fabrics due to exhausting 36 work hour shift. Disturbing. Not even Nike went that far. Now I was hunted by my devices made out exploitation and human suffering. How could I have been so naive? I bought this so cool idea about the  “Apple people”, and I thought my iPod came straight from Cupertino. But reality hurts, and it hurt really bad. There I was writing a post on my blog about fashion and exploitation… and on the other hand, I was consuming technological devices made on way worse conditions than the purse I was telling people not to buy…. but, what could I possibly do? The matter of fact was, I do like my iPod and my music… Well, I started a research, and I was surprised that most of the world knew about these abuses. But why nobody wasn’t doing or saying anything here in the U.S? Next, I started to wonder what if a worker who committed suicide because was so exhausted after that 36-hours shift made this iPad that I had in my hands? I was carrying all his/her anguish with me on this device. That person had a mother, a father, was a son or a daughter, a sister or a brother…. What is the price of a human life? An iPhone 4s? Certainly not, but I do not think the problem is the object. The problem is corporations that profit from dehumanizing employees in the mane of production and money. 
I really do not know came over me, but I decided to write a petition and reach 25,000 signatures and Tell Apple To Stop Slavery Practices Foxconn Manufactories. It has not been easy at times, sending emails to people that I don’t know, asking for images, information, and support, but it is worth the effort. 
I want to give a very special thanks to Leila La Tres Sage. She is not only talented, but also kind. She allowed to use her amazing image for the campaign, which I am so grateful for. You can find more of her political art work here:
Also, I found great support at, through Human Rights representative Sarah, who helped me to improve the petition and promote it! 
Finally, thank you to my dearest friend Amelia Clementi who has worked so hard getting signatures. We could have not reached the first 100 signatures without her help.  
However, there are still so many signatures needed! And I can’t do this alone; I need the solidarity of 24,806 people to sign along with me. We need technology and progression, but in a manner that will respect the dignity of all human beings, in a manner that corporations will make us proud, not shame us with exploitation, denigration, and greed. 
I really hope you sign this petition, share it, and promote it. Even if we do not win right away, we will bring attention to this issue by educating people about who is really behind the technological products we buy.

tell apple stop slavery practices at foxconns manufactories

Or sign using the Widget on the right. 

Thanks in advance for your support, 
Monica Balmelli

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