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Got Dirty?

My father is a very formal man. I remember him shining his shoes religiously every day. "It's important to look neat,” he always told me. So I grew up thinking just like him. I never questioned that belief, until a couple of months ago.
That particular day, it was the Open House at my kids’ school. I spent most of that afternoon fixing my vegetable garden. And, by

the time we had to leave, I looked at my hiking boots and felt a peculiar sense of pride. They were dirty. I felt somehow that dirtiness represented a connection with the earth, with the vegetables that I had just planted. So contrary to what I had learned from my father, I decided to go with my dirty hiking boots to the Open House. My pride was short-lived when I was confronted with
unpleasant glances from some of the “well dressed” people. I thought about those days when I also wore formal clothes, and my shoes were shiny as well.

I thought about blogging that experience. But, the idea really came to life months later, when my sister picked me up at the airport in Salt Lake City, Utah. I can’t explain the impact I had when I saw inside out. She told me her crazy story about how she was caught up in a dust storm, which lasted for 24 hours at the Green River’s festival. She also told me about some of her adventures at the festival and how beautiful the Mystic Hot Springs are. The next day, we were on a road trip to the Grand Canyon Plateau, and suddenly I remembered the day of Open House. Then, this feeling of excitement came over me. I reconnected with an old feeling I used had every time I saw muddy truck, or a Jeep,  or even a bicycle.  I had the clear thought that sometimes "dirty" it’s ok; and it’s even good. It can mean that you have been living your life, that you have been places, walked trails, or planted some vegetables. Immediately, I look down at my feet, and felt so excited to see my dirty hiking boots on their way to the Canyonlands…
her car covered in dirt from

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