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The Three Fridas "I Have Wings" A Reclaimed Journal Series.

"Feet, what do I need them for if I have wings to fly" ~ FRIDA KAHLO 
I have loved Frida since my early teens. My admiration always came from her strong sense of self and self determination. Since las year, I have been uncontrollable driven to make Frida as my theme regardless the medium,  to the point that I began to question if I would ever paint or create "something else" again. At the same time, I have been experiencing some excruciating physical pain for the last couple of months. In between needles, blood, exams, pain, and very caring nurses, I reflected about my pain and Frida. I realized that my admiration has gone far deeper than for a bad ass woman. Like Frida, during my most painful moments, I choose to paint, to make things, to create.  I have never been so consistently focus on my creations than these past painful months. For some reason, I chose to paint my pain through Frida. I have fully embraced her resilience and her willingness to live life in c…

The Final Destination For The Traveling Embroideries Series

After "The Traveling Embroideries"  were all done and I was back home, I had a storm of creativity.  I turned the embroideries that I had left from last year into these beautiful pillows.  I can't say enough how much I enjoyed embroidering these pieces and how much I love embroidery in general. These decorative pillows are among the pieces that l like the most out of all my work. They are so special to me because every embroidery has a story like the Frida Kahlo pillow or the girl with vintages glasses . And now they are all done and available on my etsy<3.

These are some behind the scenes pictures ! 

The Traveling Embroideries Series

Last year, I immersed  myself in the amazing process of embroidery. I was inspired by punk, stencils, Frida Kahlo and my own illustrations. Most of them were sold at an independent designers store in Chile called Corazon Bordado (Embroidered Heart). Once I came back to California, I turned the ones I had left into pillows, but that is for another post.  I really loved the creative process of embroidery. I love the sound of the needle when it makes contact with the fabric; it's magical!  I also love that is such a mobil medium that you can carry your embroidery hoop everywhere you go.  That's why I called this series "The Traveling Embroideries". They were made in between continents, offices, airplanes, beach home, in the city, and finally at my home.