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International Women's Month at the Latino Art Museum

I woke up with happiness hangover. Las night was the opening reception for the International Women's Month at the Latino Art Museum in the Pomona Art District and it was fucking aaaamazing.  Starting from the honor that was exhibiting with such as diverse group of women, form Lebanon to Chile (me); women from different ages and styles, to a transgender artist (Karla, I loved your art). It was beautiful to see us there, all of us for the love of art. It was also, very emotional to see people taking selfies with my pink haired broken heart girl. And there was really not much to explain, everyone whom I talked to related to a badly injured broken heart. It's ironic that such painful piece brought me so much joy, I guess that is the dichotomy of life. And then, there were the sales. Holly shit. It was great. People loved my plates and journals and even sold  my "Resilience" anatomical art box( If you read this, thank you so much and I forgot to tell you that I loved your outfit) . But most importantly, I really enjoyed meeting and talking to people. I loved the opportunity to explain each piece and say "thank you".   I'm also grateful to the director of the Latino Art Museum of Pomona for giving me a space.  Finally, it's great to be a woman when you can be free, have opportunities and can follow your dreams; and I wish that for all the women in the world. "We are not free until all of us are free" (yes, I'm a hopeless feminist)

Happy international women's Month! 
Monailtd <3

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