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5 Women Writers Embroidered Quotes

#5WomenWriters Embroidered Quotes.
#5WomenWriters Embroideries belong to a project inspired in the #5WomenArtists, which was created to expand our knowledge about Women in the Arts.  On the hand in literature,  we still have much more to learn about women writers across the literary genres. These embroideries will decorate handmade bag made from vintage fabrics and embellishments. 

"Anti Portraits: They Are Killing Us", 2017.

"Anti Portraits: They Are Killing Us", 2017.
Since a dear friend introduced me to  Mexican journalist Frida Guerrera Villalvazo couple of days ago, I can't stop thinking about her relentless investigative journalist work to expose violence against women in Mexico, and to bring visibility to the victims. Even though this is pervasive around the world, the statistics in Mexico are heartbreaking.  According to Frida, 142O girls and women have been murdered in Mexico during this year; 7 women a day die, and 90% of the victims will never get justice. Her message is loud and clear: in Mexico, they are killing women just because they can! Women in Mexico are not just dying, they are being murdered. With heartache, I embark on a new patch-embroidery project to stitch their names, one lifeless woman at a time.