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#5WomenWriters Embroidered Quotes Oversized Bags Limited Edition

#5WomenWriters Embroidered Quotes.
 These #5womenwriters Oversized Bags were made with a lot of love. It took me several months to gather the perfect materials that I visioned for this series. I traveled to San Francisco to buy the upholstery fabrics at my favorite fabric store in the Mission district. Each quote is hand embroidered and embellished with vintage ribbons and laces that make them unique and unrepeatable designs. The linen inside was carefully thought and made for each bag with different colors. The tags are always the last thing add since I hand sew them as a special touch.  Finally, the Women Writers who inspired these Bags, are the true muses of the Serie. About two years ago, I ran into an Instagram book club account dedicated to promoting writers. This specific post was in January, and it said that the account, in general, posted a few women writers so he decided to dedicate that month to promote women writers. I thought since there is an initiative for #5womenartist…