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Women In The Arts and Letters Offering Box Serie

This ongoing serie of  Women In The Arts and Letters Offering Box Series was directly inspired in the Women’s History Month and my fascination for Mexican Folk Art, specifically offering boxes.  This serie is intended to honor the women artists that I admired, whom have contributed to the arts and letters and to my own creative practice through out my life. Each offering box is conceived as a visual description of their lives, decorated with key personal elements that characterized their lives and now  symbolically accompany them in death. 
Violeta Parra

Simone De Beauvoir

Frida Kahlo

Reclaimed Abstract Paintings.

In early 2016, artist Cindy Mayoral passed away leaving behind a vast body of work, which was donated to the Latino Art Museum in Pomona, California. Among   her works, were some severely damaged by a flood.  The director of the museum gave the task to reclaimed these damaged paintings; and that is how this Bag Collection was born. It was an honor to reclaimed the late Cindy's abstract works and bring them back to life as a completely different expression of art.