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Fight Like A Girl

I am sick of hearing people saying: "run like a man"  or "fight like a man" or "grow some balls" as a symbol of growing courage. 
       Well, first of all, I think you can actually "run like a girl" and win; you can "fight like a girl" and be strong and also win; and definitely, there is absolutely no need to "grow some balls" in order to be courageous. In fact, everybody knows that balls are very delicate. The uterus on the other hand,  I think is one of our strongest organs. It can hold and push a baby, taking a hell of a beating during labor, then heal itself, and then repeat. 
So, When I made this girl with her "Love Pink & Fight Like a Girl" is a metaphor. We do not need to emulate "like a man" to be strong and courageous. We can be all that and while being girls and/or women, always occupying our own skin. 

I am hoping to use this illustration in woven patches and pins that would be availab…
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Cloth Paper Scissors, Spring 2016

This is the second time I submit a work for the Cloth Paper Scissors Challenges. What is remarkable to me is that first, I was selected. Second, it seems that self portraits are my thing. 
By a beautiful chance, I learned about the Selfie Mix Media Challenge.  I submitted my mix media #selfie on a Polaroid like format hanging from a wire on the wall. I took this picture in Chile while I was vacationing in Con Con,  and it has become my favorite: pink hair, embroidery pink flower, and french vintage wall paper for the background. 
I also love the idea of being a finalist of challenges that involved authenticity (2012), and self portraits.
Thank you Cloth Paper Scissors! <3

International Women's Month at the Latino Art Museum

I woke up with happiness hangover. Las night was the opening reception for the International Women's Month at the Latino Art Museum in the Pomona Art District and it was fucking aaaamazing.  Starting from the honor that was exhibiting with such as diverse group of women, form Lebanon to Chile (me); women from different ages and styles, to a transgender artist (Karla, I loved your art). It was beautiful to see us there, all of us for the love of art. It was also, very emotional to see people taking selfies with my pink haired broken heart girl. And there was really not much to explain, everyone whom I talked to related to a badly injured broken heart. It's ironic that such painful piece brought me so much joy, I guess that is the dichotomy of life. And then, there were the sales. Holly shit. It was great. People loved my plates and journals and even sold  my "Resilience" anatomical art box( If you read this, thank you so much and I forgot to tell you that I loved your…

The Three Fridas "I Have Wings" A Reclaimed Journal Series.

"Feet, what do I need them for if I have wings to fly" ~ FRIDA KAHLO 
I have loved Frida since my early teens. My admiration always came from her strong sense of self and self determination. Since las year, I have been uncontrollable driven to make Frida as my theme regardless the medium,  to the point that I began to question if I would ever paint or create "something else" again. At the same time, I have been experiencing some excruciating physical pain for the last couple of months. In between needles, blood, exams, pain, and very caring nurses, I reflected about my pain and Frida. I realized that my admiration has gone far deeper than for a bad ass woman. Like Frida, during my most painful moments, I choose to paint, to make things, to create.  I have never been so consistently focus on my creations than these past painful months. For some reason, I chose to paint my pain through Frida. I have fully embraced her resilience and her willingness to live life in c…

The Final Destination For The Traveling Embroideries Series

After "The Traveling Embroideries"  were all done and I was back home, I had a storm of creativity.  I turned the embroideries that I had left from last year into these beautiful pillows.  I can't say enough how much I enjoyed embroidering these pieces and how much I love embroidery in general. These decorative pillows are among the pieces that l like the most out of all my work. They are so special to me because every embroidery has a story like the Frida Kahlo pillow or the girl with vintages glasses . And now they are all done and available on my etsy<3.

These are some behind the scenes pictures ! 

The Traveling Embroideries Series

Last year, I immersed  myself in the amazing process of embroidery. I was inspired by punk, stencils, Frida Kahlo and my own illustrations. Most of them were sold at an independent designers store in Chile called Corazon Bordado (Embroidered Heart). Once I came back to California, I turned the ones I had left into pillows, but that is for another post.  I really loved the creative process of embroidery. I love the sound of the needle when it makes contact with the fabric; it's magical!  I also love that is such a mobil medium that you can carry your embroidery hoop everywhere you go.  That's why I called this series "The Traveling Embroideries". They were made in between continents, offices, airplanes, beach home, in the city, and finally at my home.