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Mix Media Portraits

Mix Media Portraits

Rip My Heart, 2016
 Embroidery, Ink, Fabric and Acrylic on Canvas

Selfie, 2015
Cloth Paper Scissors Readers Challenge, Spring 2016
Photo Itervention
Embroidery, Fabric, Paper, Pen and Acrylic on Board

Father and Daughter I
Photo Intervention
Pen on Paper

Father and Daughter II
Photo Intervention
Paper, Pen and Ink on Canvas

Hooded, 2013
Embroidery, Knit and Pencil on Paper

Self Portrait, 2011
Cloth Paper Scissors Readers Challenge, Winter 2012
Fabric, Beads, Paper, Acrylic and Pen on Cavas

Don't Sleep, 2011
Paper, Fabric, Acrylic and Ink on Canvas

As A Women, 2011
Paper and Acrylic on Canvas

Friendship, 2010
Mix Media Art on Canvas