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"What the soul does for the body, is what the artist does for the people"
Gabriela Mistral

 All started when my grandmother was born, or maybe even before. I belong to a family of natural born female artists. Growing up in Chile, as a child I mimicked my mother knitting and sewing. During my early teens, I fell in love with dirty brushes, colors, and pastel pencils. I have signed my works as Monailtd since I was 16 years old, embracing art as Punk music, where the process is guided by intuition, independence, do it you-self ethics, and the rule that there are no rules in the creative process.

I am a self-taught artist, and a credentialed Special Education teacher with an emphasis in the area of Moderate to Severe graduated from California State University, Fullerton. In 2000, I relocated to Los Angeles area. Since then, I have been deeply influenced by the 1900’s Arts and Crafts movement and Mix Media techniques. At the same time, Feminism, womanhood, and environmental justice have steadily influenced my work as a source of inspiration. This can be observed in the mix media portraits published in the Cloth Paper Scissors Mix Media Magazine, and in the bags collections published in Haute Handbag Magazine: Handmade Purses, Clutches, & Altered Bags Stampington & Company. As well as in the works of mix media on canvas, offering boxes, embroideries, and decorative arts exhibited at the Latino Art Museum in Pomona, California between 2011-16. 

I have a need for beauty and colors, which inspired me to create a pink studio, where I spent my days sewing and creating mix media art. I live with my husband, three children, four dogs, my polydactyl cat Benjamin Hemmingway Franklin, and my garden, which is my endless source of colors and inspiration.

The Pink Studio