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Truthfully One of a Kind.

Most of the time I love all my creations, but sometimes I have dear ones that I hold very close to my heart, like this Frida Kahlo pillow and its black beads.  Last year, during my stay in Con Con, a small beach town in Chile, I met a very special lady. One day I entered to this mind blowing  vintage store. As I started a small chat with the owner, she kept looking at me with her eyes wide open. Then, she interrupted to tell me story. Earlier that day, she was alone and upset sitting by the beach trail when she saw a woman with pink hair. She looked at this woman walking by and felt a sense of peacefulness so she dried her tears and continued looking at the blue pacific ocean (Yes! pink hair makes people happy) So to her surprise, a couple of hours later this woman with pink hair (and funky looking) entered to her store; that's why she was looking at me with such as big eyes.  We became instant friends and I went back to her store to share a cup of tea and a laugh every time I could until I came back to the states. At her amazing store is where I bought these black vintage beads along with other beautiful very old stuff that I have now in my home. That is the beauty of handmade; and that is why I love so much to make one of a kind pieces because you are not simply buying a item, you are acquiring a story with meaning. 

Monailtd <3.

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Girl With Vintage Glasses Embroidery... A Process.

I have not enjoyed an embroidery project like this one in a long time! There is something about this girl that I simply adore <3. She will be part of the my next adventure: a collection of pillows with embroidery patches.   This is the process of how this girl came to life!

Fight Like A Girl

I am sick of hearing people saying: "run like a man"  or "fight like a man" or "grow some balls" as a symbol of growing courage. 
       Well, first of all, I think you can actually "run like a girl" and win; you can "fight like a girl" and be strong and also win; and definitely, there is absolutely no need to "grow some balls" in order to be courageous. In fact, everybody knows that balls are very delicate. The uterus on the other hand,  I think is one of our strongest organs. It can hold and push a baby, taking a hell of a beating during labor, then heal itself, and then repeat. 
So, When I made this girl with her "Love Pink & Fight Like a Girl" is a metaphor. We do not need to emulate "like a man" to be strong and courageous. We can be all that and while being girls and/or women, always occupying our own skin. 

I am hoping to use this illustration in woven patches and pins that would be availab…

The Three Fridas "I Have Wings" A Reclaimed Journal Series.

"Feet, what do I need them for if I have wings to fly" ~ FRIDA KAHLO 
I have loved Frida since my early teens. My admiration always came from her strong sense of self and self determination. Since las year, I have been uncontrollable driven to make Frida as my theme regardless the medium,  to the point that I began to question if I would ever paint or create "something else" again. At the same time, I have been experiencing some excruciating physical pain for the last couple of months. In between needles, blood, exams, pain, and very caring nurses, I reflected about my pain and Frida. I realized that my admiration has gone far deeper than for a bad ass woman. Like Frida, during my most painful moments, I choose to paint, to make things, to create.  I have never been so consistently focus on my creations than these past painful months. For some reason, I chose to paint my pain through Frida. I have fully embraced her resilience and her willingness to live life in c…