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One of the very first things that my mom brought me from U.S.A were the Sex Pistols' cassette NEVER MIND THE BOLLOKS HERE IS THE SEX PISTOLS. Last year, I had the opportunity to come full circle and revisit my all time Punk favorites. Not long after that, I was inspired to create a raw I LOVE PUNK! Bags and Totes collection. These completely hand painted bags were a great deal of work, but also a lot of fun. If Punk is an attitude, then these bags have an attitude, just like my self-portrait from the cloth paper scissors magazine.

The Punk Bag Collection

I LOVE PUNK! becuase the image of women as mere sexy object bothers me.  I LOVE PUNK! because I do not like to be told what to do.  I LOVE PUNK! because it is more than music or a fashion statement.  PUNK is an attitude of individuality and restlessness in a world where globalization, generalization,  and conformism is the trend.