Fight Like A Girl

   We are always told to "run like a man"  or "fight like a man" or "grow some balls" in order to show courage. But in reality, you can actually "run like a girl" and win; you can "fight like a girl" and be strong and also win; and definitely, there is absolutely no need to "grow some balls" in order to be courageous (just study women in the arts' history).  In fact, everybody knows that balls are very delicate. The uterus, on the other hand,  I think is one of our strongest organs. It can hold and push a baby, taking a hell of a beating during labor,  heal itself, and then repeat. 
Inspired in all the above, I designed this girl with her "Love Pink & Fight Like a Girl" patch, reclaiming the color Pink as no longer a representation of delicate. We do not need to emulate "like a man" to be strong and courageous. We can be all that and while being girls and/or women, always occupying our own skin. 
And now I am excited to announce is available in my Etsy Shop.


The Three Fridas "I Have Wings" A Reclaimed Journal Series.

"Feet, what do I need them for if I have wings to fly" ~ FRIDA KAHLO 

Viva La Frida! 

The Traveling Embroideries Series

Last year, I immersed  myself in the amazing process of embroidery. I was inspired by punk, stencils, Frida Kahlo and my own illustrations.  
I really loved the creative process of embroidery. I love the sound of the needle when it makes contact with the fabric; it sounds magical to me.  
Because you can carry the embroidery hoop everywhere,  I called this serie "The Traveling Embroideries". They were made in between continents, offices, airplanes, beach home, in the city, and finally at my home.

Some of  them were sold at an independent designers store in Chile, Corazon Bordado (Embroidered Heart), and the rest  are finding their purpose. 


The Process of the Memory Quilt, Femicides Mexico 2017

When I started this memory quilt I wasn’t expecting to tear myself apart with every stitch. In 2017, I was introduced to Frida Guerrera'...