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Truthfully One of a Kind.

Most of the time I love all my creations, but sometimes I have dear ones that I hold very close to my heart, like this Frida Kahlo pillow and its black beads.  Last year, during my stay in Con Con, a small beach town in Chile, I met a very special lady. One day I entered to this mind blowing  vintage store. As I started a small chat with the owner, she kept looking at me with her eyes wide open. Then, she interrupted to tell me story. Earlier that day, she was alone and upset sitting by the beach trail when she saw a woman with pink hair. She looked at this woman walking by and felt a sense of peacefulness so she dried her tears and continued looking at the blue pacific ocean. So to her surprise, a couple of hours later this woman with pink hair, entered to her store.  We became instant friends and I went back to her store to share a cup of tea and a laugh every time I could until I came back to the states. At her amazing store is where I bought these black vintage beads along with ot…

Girl With Vintage Glasses Embroidery... A Process.

An embroidery Process.....